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To test or not to test?

Would you put your clean water gauges on it?

It could cost you your gauges and more.

As you know, if you test non potable water with potable gauges and then test a potable or domestic water supply, you may have just contaminated the domestic water supply.

photo and issue brought to you


joe todd

san antonio

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Joe Todd
Jul 02, 2022


Joe Todd
Jul 02, 2022

Upon arrival of testing a 2”irrigation backflow, claimed to be fed by city water (potable), I had some red flags 🚩 go off in my head. 1. Why the purple water lines? 2. Why the purple valve covers? 3. Am I gonna get paid lol. I asked the Irrigator, great guy, whats up with the purple? He said he had to bid the job by the plans. He also didn’t like the purple as it adds some confusion if its not fed by non-potable. He called the Main Boss who happened to be onsite. I asked and he said that this commercial build was identical to another facility in texas where they did elect to have recycled, non-potable water, feed/supply their irrigation system. The location i was s…

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