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Wilkins 375 AST 6” 2nd Check Fail with constant Drip from the relief Valve

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when only repairing or replacing the 2nd check.

  1. When taking out the First check to access the second check, it is possible to indroduce debris causing it to fail when putting it back in service.

  2. The plastic retaining ring on the first check can break, so bring a back up.

  3. The cover bolts and nuts can be unserviceable to put back on the cover, so when bidding the repair look at the cover bolts.

  4. The cover gasket can become damaged preventing you from getting back in service. Always lube it up generously with FDA approved lubricant.

  5. The second check retaining clips can get rusty and fused to the channel that make it difficult to remove them.


1. Take your time.

2. Once you get the checks out, Flush the line well.

3.Lube the check orings generously before reinstalling into the body

4. Clean out the retaining ring and retaining clip grooves before you put in the checks. These need to be clean to reinsert the clips and ring. This also clears debris that can work its way into the checks and cause them to fail

5. Make sure the checks are in all the way before trying to put the retaining clips and ring in. Sometimes it can help to rock the checks up and down slowly when inserting.

6. Of course the 1st check has to align with the Horizontal grooves in the body to fit.

7. While water is closed to the first and second checks I always open test cock 1 and flush it while opening shut off valve 1 slowly, this helps ensure no debris gets into check 1

While reestablishing flow.

These are just a few helpful techniques to make your repair go smooth.


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