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Don’t make the rookie mistake on the Wilkins 375

After making a repair on the First Check Valve, I reinstalled the vessel. The problem is that it was leaking on the supply side where the vessel connects to the RP Body.

I checked all orings, lubed them up, and opened the water slowly.

Still had a leak at the supply side where the wedge has the 2 screws that help guide and secure the vessel into place.

After several more attemps to stop the leak, I saw the marking on the wedge that said "Don't over tighten" the 2 screws.

So, with the water on and the leak still leaking, I took my screw driver and began to loosen the 2 screws.

Funny thing happened, the leak stopped leaking.

I hope this can help some people out there.

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Joe Todd
27 oct 2022


Me gusta
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